Pioneering Innovative Collaboration for Excellence


Our CAD/CAM offerings are comprehensive and span from Drafting and Machinist functionalities to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.  Our goal is to provide the very best in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.  Our Engineers and Technicians are experienced and among the best in the business.  We can assist you in the full product cycle from initial concept modeling and analysis to prototyping and series zero manufacturing.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our CAD Technicians can assist you in moving your concepts to 3D models with detailed drawings.  Our Engineers can analyze your concepts with Finite Element Analysis and/or Computational Fluid Dynamics to verify design intent and/or identify approaches to improve product performance.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Our CAM Technicians and CNC Machinists can turn your 3D models into physical specimens for verification and evaluation.  Our Manufacturing Engineers can analyze your designs for manufacturability and propose solutions to reduce cost and improve timing.  We have in-house pilot run capability and series zero manufacturing capability through our network of vendors.  We can also work with your vendors to ensure on-time delivery of parts and assemblies that meet quality control standards.